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 NFC Payments Canada 2013

I gave the keynote address at a Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) hosted conference in Toronto on March 20, 2013.  The event was attended by about 200 industry professionals. The theme of my address was “From Market Opportunity to Market Ignition” and was well received. You can access my Power Point here . My talk touched on a number of critical issues that eco system players and investors need to understand to move the market to ignition. In particular I:  


·       Point out that Mobile Payments which has been “ The Next Big Thing” for almost 15 years has not reached critical mass

·       Clarify  that the term “Mobile Payments” covers three entirely different use cases - The Mobile as a POS substitute, PC substitute or in store Card substitute

·       Postulate that there is no Merchant value proposition in accepting mobile credit or debit in a physical store and that Merchants view mobile payments only as a means to an end

·       Show why Merchants value the interactive real time, location based, personalized marketing capabilities of the new Mobile channel

·       Explain why and how the new Mobile channel has caused a “Land Grab” in the US market, which has stalled ignition, rather than encouraged it

·       Show two pathways to unlock the US market

·       Lay out what it will take for a winning technology to emerge, and speculate on the outcome of the “Standards War”

·       Provide my opinion on potential Winners and Losers  – Isis, FI’s, Google, PayPal, Apple, Others

·       Point out that Canadian FI’s and MNO’s are showing that smart partnerships can drive ignition


For additional information on the event click here and for a link to Dropbox to download my deck click here