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 BayPay Los Angeles: Mobile Payments - Carrier Billing, NFC and International Transfers - Where Are We? 

I provided a short address and participated in a panel discussion at a BayPay Forum event kindly hosted by City National Bank in Los Angeles on May 28th, 2013.  The BayPay Forum is a network formed in Silicon Valley to identify and discuss new trends in the payment industry. It has grown to over 5,500 executives from 2,300 different companies. It holds and sponsors frequent events. This was BayPay’s first event in Los Angeles. Ninety industry professionals were present at City National Bank's HQ building. For more information on the event click here .

The theme of my address was "Mobile Payments - Why All The Fuss - What Is Taking So Long." You can access my presentation Power Point on Dropbox here . My talk touched briefly on a number of critical issues that help explain slow adoption and fragmentation of the in store mobile payments and commerce market. This was drawn from a larger deck which can be accessed on Dropbox here.

In particular I: 


  • Show why technology convergence is driving huge interest and investment in the mobile payment and commerce markets
  • Point out that while this been “ The Next Big Market ” for 10 years it has not reached critical mass
  • Define three quite different, often confused Mobile Payment market segments  - two of which are thriving
  • Demonstrate that there is no merchant value proposition in accepting conventional mobile credit or debit in the physical store and that to encourage merchants to invest in in-store mobile the conversation needs to be changed away from mobile payments toward mobile commerce
  • Explain that merchants value and will invest in mobile commerce technology as a channel to improve the shopping experience and enable personalized offers and information - and that merchants see mobile payments as a means to the greater end of increasing sales and loyalty and reducing costs 
  • Explain why and how this new mobile channel has caused a “Land Grab” in the US market, which has stalled ignition, rather than encouraged it

I have posted a more extensive deck on the BayPay web site which builds on the short deck and contains additional views on:

  • Two potential pathways to unlock the US market
  • The outcome of the “Standards War”
  • Potential Winners and Losers  

For a link to Dropbox to  download the larger deck click here