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Mobile Commerce Landscape

The Smartphone is truly transformational - it is a fast cloud connected device, it runs powerful applications, it has an HD quality screen, it is always with you, it knows where you are and in an instant it can access your personal, transaction and search profiles.
The Smartphone along with its big brother, the Tablet, is in the early stages of transforming the world of payments, retailing, shopping, consumer advertising and marketing (collectively sometimes called the Mobile Commerce market). It is beginning to do the same in "B to C" fields, such as medical care - and in common cross eneterpise work functions, such as field services.

The opportunities provided by this mobile revolution are huge, but the ecosystems are complex and risks are high. Market development has been slower than many expect and plan for.

This section of the web site provides my "in the trenches" perspectives on the fastest developing mobile market - Mobile Commerce. The next page contains a summary analysis of Mobile Commerce market opportunities and the following page contains  a summary analysis of risks. For a tight printable one page analysis of the Mobile Commerce landscape click here.