Michael Mullagh



Mobile and Payment










Client Focus

A great number and variety of players are developing mobile, mobile commerce and payments strategies and business plans. All see the opportunity and most are cognizant of the risks. Many are seeking independent and informed advice and guidance - and it is for these players that I have set up this consultancy. The following clients are the focus of my advisory services (see Client Services

    • Merchants looking to increase sales, reduce costs and increase loyalty via Mobile


    • On-line players using Mobile as a bridge to the off-line world


    • Payment Providers, Issuing Banks, Merchant Acquirers, Processors and ISO's looking to use Mobile to grow transactions, differentiate and gain share


    • Mobile providers looking to grow revenues from enabling and offering Smartphone/Tablet services


    • Media and marketing companies who see the mobile as the bridge from “Broadcast” to the ultimate in 1 to 1 “narrowcast” messaging and 1 to 1 offers


    • Emerging service providers and technology enablers (Applications, POS and Mobile Devices, SW, and Networks) looking to enter and dominate the space


    • Established service providers and technology enablers (Applications, POS and Mobile Devices, SW, and Networks) see a large new field for enhanced products and platforms – and a threat from emerging players


    • The Investment community (VC, PE IB) looking for new markets with large return potential and a raft of new players 





How I Like To Work


I believe in making it easy and risk free for Clients to work with me


I am not looking for long term or minimum commitments


I will invest initial time to familiarize myself with each Client’s strategies, organization and needs 


I will minimize engagements such that each Client  can feel assured they are getting my full attention and value


I will not take engagements with any Clients vertical competitors