Michael Mullagh



Mobile and Payment










I am an innovative, proven, successful leader and problem solver in the mobile and payments spaces. I have been a CEO/COO of five high growth companies - three private, including a mobile commerce industry leader, and two public Mobile Network Operators. I have specific domain experience and expertise in the mobile commerce, MNO, payment, data analytics, B to B,  B to C, device manufacturing and software spaces. I have significant Board, financing, fundraising and International experience. I have a strong and balanced strategic and operational orientation. I am analytical and have strong communication skills. I am well connected and respected in the wireless, banking, mobile commerce, payments and financing communities.

I believe passionately in the transformational power of instant, high speed, cloud based wireless connectivity - now being unlocked by the hyper creative applications environment spurred by the Smartphone and the Tablet, to the ultimate benefit of consumers and to smart businesses  

While near in opportunities abound, particularly in Mobile Commerce I am fully aware from in the trenches experience of the complexities and conflicts that make this a risky business and one that is slower moving than many expect and plan for (see Mobile Commerce). I believe that any player looking to enter or invest in this space requires a clear eyed, informed, and hard-nosed assessment of opportunities, success factors and risks.

I have previous experience as an Independent Consultant and have set up this Mobile and Payment Advisory as a service to all players looking to participate in this space. I offer an independent, informed, experienced and senior point of view.  

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